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Holistic Medicine helps explain the general approach that we take when evaluating pets at NaturaVet. Modern medicine tends to look at the symptoms and then address the problem by trying to alleviate those symptoms. Alternatively, holistic medicine tends to look at the symptoms and try to figure out why those symptoms are present. We then try to address the root cause of those symptoms and if the treatment is successful, the symptoms subside.


Some examples may help explain the approach. Let's imagine your pet is presented with mild kidney failure. Blood work and other diagnostics have ruled out infections, tumors, etc. as being the cause of the kidney failure. It is decided that it is just "old age."  

Modern medicine will treat by giving fluids and possibly a lower protein diet; nothing can be done directly to treat the failing kidneys. However, holistic medicine will use acupuncture to increase energy and blood flow through the kidneys. We will administer fluids when needed. We will alter the diet but not necessarily to one using low protein. Instead we utilize foods that have an emphasis on the quality of the protein and the quality of the diet in general.

The next step is that the patient is matched to herbal formulas, usually based on using a root herb called Rehmannia, and supplements that can help with regeneration of kidney function. The result is usually return to normal or near-normal kidney function and often years of quality life. 

Now let's imagine your pet has arthritis of the hips, an extremely common problem causing pain and loss of mobility. Conventional medicine will evaluate the pain and use medications that try to reduce or block the pain. Unfortunately, many of the drugs that are commonly used for this purpose can cause severe side effects, especially if used chronically.

Holistic medicine will use acupuncture to help decrease the pain and start the healing process. Diet, supplements, and various herbs are used to reduce the inflammation, increase blood flow and help the body try to reverse the arthritic changes in the joints. The end result of the holistic approach is usually a long-tern increase in the quality of life.

We consider conventional medicine to be the best medicine available for acute and emergency conditions. However, for treating chronic conditions (anything present for longer than two weeks), we think the holistic approach is best. Sometimes holistic medicine does include modern modalities. The holistic approach means doing what is best for the total health and welfare of the pet and if that treatment regimen should include modern methods, we offer those as options.



Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) is the ancient veterinary treatment of animals based on the same theories as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM and TCVM have developed over a period of over 3,500 years and are practiced all over the world. In Western cultures such as the U.S., TCVM has rapidly grown as an adjunct therapeutic modality for animals that do not respond favorably to typical Western veterinary treatments.

TCVM practices include four major fundamental branches: Chinese food therapyacupunctureherbal therapy, and Tui na.

Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical technique that has been in use for well over 3,000 years. Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood and lymphatic flow to tissues, stimulate proper nerve function and increase the body’s ability to release natural pain relieving chemicals.

Acupuncture is used to treat a vast array of diseases and maladies such as, but not limited to, orthopedic disease, neurological disease, immune system disorders and systemic disease such as kidney disease, liver disease and bladder problems.

Acupuncture is a very safe treatment modality.

Chinese Quantum method

The Chinese Quantum method CQM is a method to mentally access the energy field to detect energetic weaknesses and transform them into energetic strength.  CQM can help both the pet and their owners.

CQM consists of electromagnetic fields which is easier to understand when we talk about waves. Our body has different organs to receive and decode these waves.

CQM can be very effective where other treatments do not show satisfying results, and it can support and complement other therapies.

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